Improve Education Quality


We partner with pre-existing schools run by churches or Christian education projects to improve the quality of education offered to children of conflict.

Served to Educate assists existing schools and educational projects that serve children of conflict to improve the quality of education through building the capacity of school leaders. Using our approach, they are facilitated to conduct in-school training and development together with improved leadership skills, strategic planning and school self-evaluation.

Support existing schools

Through local partners we integrate our experience in working cross culturally to support existing schools to raise the quality of education outcomes.

This places us in a unique position to offer valuable professional development to local Christian educational networks that are already responding to the needs on the ground.

Partnership development

Existing networks of churches respond to communities in areas of conflict.

Assessment and project design.

Services committed to school improvement driven by continued research and ground assessment. We accomplish this through training and ongoing support of local teams that collect and analyse data.


Training materials and context driven methodology

We continually develop and share educational tools that equip school directors, and teachers from among our partners. We provide and support coaches to walk with school leaders as they apply the contextualised methodology, adapting it to their own culture and providing feedback, ideas and experiences to further shape what we offer. This helps teachers learn to work with children from trauma, helping them to work through the serious emotional issues that affect their ability to learn. Follow-up provides ongoing support to assure adequate training, implementation and evaluation of student outcomes.

MERL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning)

We continually learn from our projects and adapt our programs accordingly. Served offers initial face-to-face coaching sessions to directors of schools, followed by ongoing online support and the opportunity to join our served network. These sessions are provided by served-trained coaches from the region. Research shows that implementation of new methodologies and long-term impact happens with greater efficiency when follow-up and ongoing support is given. Served provides an ongoing evaluation process that includes online support and feedback to evaluate different ideas and practices. Scores reflect on their own educational practice through the school improvement cycle and through storytelling methodology.

Knowledge management

Served publishes and shares our findings to promote our work and foster further collaboration with interested stakeholders, including other churches or Christian organisations engaged in education for conflict-affected communities.

  • “The hopes of a generation will be dashed if they cannot return to classrooms.

    United Nations UNHCR Report

  • “Local faith communities and faith leaders contribute to saving lives, defending rights and giving spiritual sustenance”